Friday, November 19, 2010

Sensual Celibacy

Has anyone read Sensual Celibacy by Donna Marie Williams? I would like to hear some opinions of this book from asexuals and gray-asexuals. I am considering reading it, although I'm certain that her book is directed toward non-asexuals. Also I don't know that I am personally interested in choosing celibacy, although not engaging in sex (due to asexuality) has been my lifestyle for a long time now. However, I have to wonder if there are things in this book that could be relevant to asexuals or that would validate not engaging in sex while being sex-positive. Thoughts?


  1. I should check this book out. I always considered myself "sensual" rather than "sexual" It just made more sense to me.

  2. That could be interesting. As a gynosexual, it's pretty clear to me that a lot of the best things about being "sexual" have nothing to do with sex.

    I find it really sad that there are few outlets in the world now for actual intimacy; everyone's so dang asocial nowadays.

  3. Owl Eyes, same here. I was actually thinking that my next post might be about "the sensual asexual," because that's what I'm leaning towards identifying as. :p

    Cerian, I think your point about intimacy being difficult to obtain in any form is really important. It seems like sex is the default form of intimate bonding for many people even if they don't have particularly high sex drives. There's something to be said for exploring one's sensual side without bringing sex into the exploration.